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[Contest Entry] Crowns :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 3 6 Stuff is OPEN :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 6 2 Akira :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 2 4 Ruby Rose Doodle :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 50 13 Derek Reference :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 3 2 Anne and Pray :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 2 2 [Contest Entry] AkiKei :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 9 4 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 3: Watching a Movie :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 4 2 Pyrus Ref :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 8 6 Zeph Color Practice :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 6 4 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 2: Cuddling (?) Somewhere :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 3 8 30-Day OTP Challenge- Day 1 :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 5 2 [Request] Garnet and Valeria :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 8 11 Shu (OC) :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 3 4 Glace Polar (Please Read Description) :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 17 0 Daily Life 4: Math :iconfujo-tan:Fujo-tan 1 0


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rosebird NSFW :icongothicbolas:GothicBolas 6 1
{Contest - Win Core + Art} Design Lime!
I'm a huge sucker for bad puns and shit jokes so I want to have a little design contest for a partner for my babe Lemon and they will be named, you guessed it, Lime! /insert sitcom laughter here/
>> Lemons details and info can be found here <<
I will leave most design details, gender, ect.. up to you guys, just read below for all the info~
Looking for with lime
I want to give you as much freedom as i can, but here are some guidelines to give you a base to work on.
 Any gender (male or female) since I haven't decided on if Lemon is straight or not, I'll decide with the design of Lime
Any race/skin tone/ethnicitycolor scheme include some shade(s) of lime or yellow-green
I specifically like these shades, you don't have to use more than one if you don't want to : X //
:iconk-enopsia:K-enopsia 18 7
Hey I have a game!
I decided to do a game for my 100 watchers contest. The 3 people who get the closest wins. What is the game you may ask . well I had a dream and an idea for an Oc popped up in my dream so the game is .....who ever can get the closest design to the oc in my dream will win!
The theme from the oc to help
Colors: white , lavender,really light lavender , gold,dark deal purple , and grey. 
Now what do you get if you win!!
First place prize : A full body drawing and icon or 100 points
Second place prize: A chibi full body or 50 points
Third place prize: A custom or 30 points
Dead line is April 17th 
Rules to join
-Must be a watcher
-Must repost this journal so I know all who is joining
-Don't be a bad sport if you don't win
-Have fun and be creative ^^
:iconmoo-la-loo:Moo-La-Loo 2 3


Chibi Sketch
Chibi sketch (will be neater than example) of 1 character
Additiknal characters are +10
Full Color Chibi
Full color chibi of 1 character.
Additional characters are +50, maximum of 4 characters
Headshot Sketch
Single character digital headshot sketch (Don't worry, it'll be better than the example. Maybe... I hope...)
Also, just let me know whether you want just hatching or hatching and some tones
And also if you want it to be black & white or if there's any (dark) color in particular that you want me to use for the lines.
Bust Sketch
Bust sketch of a single character
It'll look something like that, I guess... Maybe... idk...
Also, just let me know whether you want just hatching or hatching and some tones
And also if you want it to be black & white or if there's any (dark) color in particular that you want me to use for the lines.
color is an additional 10
Full Color Headshot
Single character full color headshot
Full Body Colored Sketch
Single character colored full body sketch
+50:points: for an additional character


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Thanks for taking the time to look at my shit art! QvQ

I'm nerdy fujoshi weeb trash

Previously :iconjolynekujoh:

Commissions OPEN by MellotheMarshmallow Requests CLOSED by MellotheMarshmallow Art Trades OPEN by MellotheMarshmallow

I like kawaii things, the colors red and black, sleeping, drawing, sometimes writing, animals (epecially cats), bishounen, bishoujo, manga, anime, BISHIES, and a shitton of other things.

I have an unhealthy obsession with love Izumi Kouhei

My shit art Tumblr is
My personal Tumblr is

I'm really slow at getting stuff done, and can be really bad about checking DA sometimes, so yeah, things probably won't get done quickly, and I might not reply to a comment very quickly. Unless it's one of the times when I'm obsessively checking DA.

I don't say thank you for favs, watches, or llamas (because I'm lazy), but I really do appreciate them!
Heya, G here!
I'm not stalking on the stuff I have to do nooooooo I was thinking that doing an art or a collab would be fun. Since no one seems to want to enter my contest anyway, I'll just do this instead lol.


Just drop a comment or send a note (I'll probably ask you to send a note anyway) with an example of your art, and then we'll chat! Okay, there are a lot of things I'd want in an art trade, so I'll try listing them all:
Izumi Kohei (World Trigger)
Li Ren (RWBY)
Tsukuyo (Gintama)
Giorno Giovanna (JJBA Vento Aureo)
Kakei Shun (Eyeshield 21)
Laine Brick (elDLIVE)
Any of my OCs (list can be found here
More may be added eventually, who knows.


Okay, same deal as with ats. Drop a comment or send a note with an example of your art, and we'll talk. Also, specify whether you wanna do the coloring or line work. I'm okay at either, so whatever with me.


Okay, most of these are sketches, and not necessarily my best work lol, sorry. 
Akira by Fujo-tan Ruby Rose Doodle by Fujo-tan [Contest Entry] AkiKei by Fujo-tan

So so if you're interested, let me know!
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
I really just wanna have people draw things for me Well, it's (almost) time to do a contest again! Hopefully at least 2 people will enter this time lol ;7;

The subjects will be a list of OCs that I'll be posting refs for in my stash later, and then a list of other characters, which will also be posted later. Lol, nothing's ready yet, just wanted to put up a notice of my hopefully-this-time-not-a-failure contest! Some, but not all OC refs are up. There will probably be around 5 others, so yeah. I'll also make sure to organize them later lol
Um, some I got really lazy, so...

So, just draw any of them~

Hiiro Kosho
Hiiro Kosho (RWBY OC) by JolyneKujoh (There's a link to a colored version in the description)  Thanks for 10k PVs! by JolyneKujoh
Glace Polar
RWBY OC: Glace Polar by JolyneKujoh Glace Polar (Please Read Description) by Fujo-tan
Dande Leon 
Dande Leon Concept by JolyneKujoh Dande by JolyneKujoh

Non-RWBY OCs (Doesn't really matter what they're wearing)
Shu (OC) by Fujo-tan Shu
Kuroi and Ryo
30-Day OTP Challenge- Day 1 by Fujo-tan

:iconrainbownighthawk: and my characters

If I draw better ones then I'll actually put them all directly in here, but they suck so lol not now
Most of the RWBY ones are pretty old
Someone should draw Shu trying to teach Miki how to cook. Or maybe I'll just do it myself lol

So, most of the refs were done in my 15 minute breaks while doing my schoolwork, so if you need another ref or more info, just comment on the OC and I'll whip something up.

Prizes will probably be tweaked, but they'll be something like this:

1st place:
Some amount of Points (to be determined, min. of 75)
1 Full color drawing
1 Chibi drawing
1 Colored sketches
1 B/W sketches

2nd place:
Some amount of Points (tbd, min. of 50)
1 Chibi drawing
1 Colored sketch
1 B/W sketch

3rd place:
Some amount of Points (tbd, min. of 25)
1 Colored sketch
1 B/W sketch

Extra prizes:
4th (if more than 10 entries Yeah lol good luck not happening) : 1 Colored sketch
5th (if more than 15 entries) : 1 Chibi sketch

I haven't decided on a deadline yet :p

DEADLINE which will probably be extended IS JUNE 1ST or something like that

UPDATE So, since the characters from the comic that :iconrainbownighthawk: and I are in the process of making (we're waiting on me actually getting off my ass and drawing it lol) are in here now, she has answered my request to help judge!

If anyone wants to donate prizes or something, that'd be cool. Prize donators can also enter

Entries can be found here:…

So yeah, if you do decide to enter, tag me in the description and/or drop a note or comment with a link!
I'd appreciate it if a link to this journal so that others know about it!
also, so that I know you actually read this, put "fwazam" somewhere in the comment/note/description! 
And I would love if people shared this journal. Not that you have to, just hopefully there would be more people looking at it then lol
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I haven't been drawing much (school and all that jazz, right? Itotally haven't been too busy playing Soccer Spirits noooooo ) and I still haven't made any progress on any of my art projects lol (>人<; )

Anyway, I'm bored and having artist block, so I'm gonna do a couple of requests.
Okay, so MAXIMUM OF TWO CHARACTERS no exceptions, no matter how much I may love you guys, a bunch of people is a pain to do. Sorry :P
I'm cool with like ecchi stuff, but I'd prefer to not have a bunch of porn sitting around. If you aren't sure if what you want will be accepted, just ask, and I'll let you know. I don't judge.

1. :iconqueenelsafan2015: 100%, posted
2. :icondragonkid36: 100% (redo will be done later)
3. :iconserenity68w: 100%, posted
4. :iconariaxethief: 100%, posted
5. :iconvixpaaws: 10%

So, yeah, just drop a message, or send a note, or whatever. 

WIPs can be sent throughout the drawing process upon request

What determines minor will be decided upon based on my judgement on a case to case basis (i.e. Colors are relatively easy to change, but changing the pose is considered major, since I'd have to redraw the whole thing)

ie if I misread the request. Mistakes due to not being given proper information will be judged on a case to case basis depending on how critical a mistake it is (i.e. Redrawing because I drew a guy instead of a girl, or something along those lines)

  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama


(Is feeling super hostile and annoyed and wants to vent, so no one take this personally) I was just thinking that it seems like people flock towards requests, but they don't wanna put in even 20-30 minutes to get art. It's kind of annoying me
Gonna post the first day of the 30 day otp challenge soon~ Had to choose between a few, but I like this otp the best!
Going through 15k watch notices is killing me (has been going through them for literally only a minute)
If I did a contest with art and points as prizes, would anyone enter? I just want people to draw stuff for me lol
Does anyone actually read the journals I post that don't have to do with requests or kiribans? Cuz the journal I posted a little while ago has some important stuff in it.


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The spots on my request list just filled up this morning. If I finish the current requests quickly, I was going to open more slots up. Just check the journal in a couple of days I guess. Sorry!
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