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Als Proposal by RetroDoodleZ Als Proposal :iconretrodoodlez:RetroDoodleZ 4 0
got tagged by :iconfrederikkefrode:
1. Please post these rules!
2. Post 8 facts about your character!
3. Tag 8 other characters, list their names and their creators!
4. Tag-backs are fine!
I got tagged to do Aki omf///

1. He is a Royal Fleuvelier, but doesn't like being treated differently just cos he's royalty.
2. He's the second character I've ever made for myself and still kept lolol
3. When he was younger he used to sneak out a lot to explore the kingdom (which led to him meeting Kei)
4. When he smiles brightly or laughs his nose scrunches up
5. He's one of my main ocs that I develop deeper stories for
6. Kei is his bf and Aki is the one that tops most of the time lmao
7. Aki was created to fit nicely with Kei, personality and looks wise
8. He is quite independent and isn't afraid to stand up for himself and others 
His prof
:iconxianta-chan:Xianta-chan 3 4
Top 10 Hottest male characters
For this meme entry, I decided to submit both my animated and live action crushes because I thought it would be awesome to do both at the same time. Anyways, list or not, these guys are to me, the hottest men I've ever laid eyes on. Heart Heart Heart Heart  with that being said, let's get into it!!

Starting with my animated guys:
#10- Hercules
#09- Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)
#08- Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
#07- Tarzan
#06- Kusama Nowaki (Junjou Romantica)
#05- Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
#04- L Lawliet (Death Note)
#03- Asami Ryuichi (Finder series)
#02- Jim Lake Jr. (Trollhunters)
Drum roll please for number one!!!....
#01- Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)
***Some Honorable mentions****
Usami Akihiko (Junjou Romantica)
Mikhail Arbatov (Finder series)
:icondeathhetaliabutler:deathhetaliabutler 2 3
Top 10 Hottest Animated Guys by Acaciathorn Top 10 Hottest Animated Guys :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 4,102 2,116 hold it bitch by Sora-G-Silverwind hold it bitch :iconsora-g-silverwind:Sora-G-Silverwind 4 0 Ivan Karelin by albacielo Ivan Karelin :iconalbacielo:albacielo 1 0 Bison, ninja and Tiger by 93FangShadow Bison, ninja and Tiger :icon93fangshadow:93FangShadow 1 0 My Ultimate Squad by sailorx161 My Ultimate Squad :iconsailorx161:sailorx161 4 0 Ivan by Sardiini Ivan :iconsardiini:Sardiini 60 4
Gaytober Challenge!
Introducing the Gaytober Challenge for all your gay needs!
Welcome to the Gaytober challenge!
It is finally October my friends, let's spread the gay love around! <33
Pick any gay couple you like, may it be males or females, everything goes, may it be sketches, digital or traditional artwork or written works!
It doesn't have to be your original characters, it can be ships from any sort of fandom, or even your friend's characters!
Pick any ship you like, you can choose which ones to draw on which day, and you decide when to start the challenge and when to leave days out!
You don't have to complete all days, pick the ones you like and draw something for them, you choose your own pace!
Whether you do this challenge for yourself or open the challenge as requests is up to you, let's spread the gay <3
! At everybody participating in Gaytober !
Please tag either me with @ Sinuzzle or use #gaytober when you upload your Gaytober entries so I
:iconvaporsoul:vaporsoul 364 357
Composition Challenge
- you must do ALL 12 list items in order to be featured (See Raru-tan's first challenge journal for more info)
- list items to not need to be done one each month, though it is recommended
- in the description of your artwork for this challenge, link back to this entry so that I see it and know to feature it when the time comes
- you are welcome to use this as a reference without participating in the challenge, if you do so, linking back to this is not necessary

This challenge was made by :iconRaru-tan: Their features -- >
I was tagged in their challenge and really struck me as an interesting challenge to do. A lot of people ask me about my inspirations and how I learn composition. Here are a few of my inspirations that helped me improve my composition. Hopefully they help you too. :) Most of these were taken from my favorites. 
Keep in mind that some of these utilize multiple compo
:iconkanekiru:Kanekiru 403 23
Speed painting challenge!
Hey guys!
I've really been into speed painting lately, so I wanted to challenge myself. And also you!
The idea of a speed painting is that you take a limited amount of time for a painting. This can be half an hour, or up to two hours, depending how much time you have (and are willing to spend). During that time you make a painting, or get as far as possible. When you reach the time limit, the painting is done. No getting back to it. No cheating. It's done.
:bulletred: Use any medium. I use digital, because it's fast and clean. But you can use traditional as well.
:bulletred: Use references if needed. Don't forget; References are GOOD!!!
:bulletred: Take these tips and tricks to heart.
:bulletred: Take 1 to 2 hours per painting. Not more. Don't cheat.
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 297 399
Challenge by Month
The 100 Theme Challenge Presents the "Challenge By Month", "Birthstone Challenge", "Birth Flower Challenge", and "Color Challenge".
Now, I know you're probably getting sick of me adding challenges when you feel you haven't had time to finish the last one I put up. I remind you, you don't have to do all the challenges. You don't have to finish any of these by a deadline. I'm adding all of these challenges to give members choices for challenges. Namely if the 100 Theme Challenge is too much to take on at the moment. so, don't get frustrated if I post a few of these.
I'm posting these challenges now because it's almost January. These challenge pieces can be done one a month. So, have fun!
:iconrioyukiix::icongrelly: CHALLENGE BY MONTH :icongrelly::iconvanitytheechidna:

:bulletblue: 00) Introduction.
:bulletpurple: 01) January
:bulletblue: 02) Febuary
:bulletpurple: 03) March
:bulletblue: 04) April
:bulletpurple: 05) May
:bulletblue: 06) June
:bulletpurple: 07) July
:bulletblue: 08
:icon100themechallenge:100ThemeChallenge 184 78
WIP by lucachirivi WIP :iconlucachirivi:lucachirivi 7 2 Sketches by Chihuawow8 Sketches :iconchihuawow8:Chihuawow8 7 9
30 day adoptable/design challenge
1. fancy/elegant
2. dead/zombie
3. water
4. night
5. emo/scene
6. demon
7. scary/gore
8. storm
9. pirate
10. stars
11. schoolgirl/boy
12. gladiator
13. element
14. swimwear
15. candy
16. hipster
17. fantasy
18. fruit
19. traditional asian wear
20. monster
21. music
22. angel
23. vampire
24. cute
25. robot
26. bug
28. gypsy
29. animal
30. anything
(pretty typical themes aha)
adoptable theme challenge n_n
works best with human adopts~
i couldn't find any adoptable challenges, so i looked through people's 100 theme challenge things, picked out a few that i think would be suitable and added some of my own ideas.
if others want to do this challenge too;
you don't have to do one every day, and you CAN do more than one every day.
basically, do what you want, and take your time. i do suggest mixing up the genders sometimesm though. maybe if you usually do female adopts, try a few male, and vice versa.
this challenge is to get better at designing and maybe give some inspiration, t
:iconunipoo:unipoo 328 36


Full Body Drawing
Full color full body with a simple background.
+200:points: for complex background, and expect longer wait time
If you want more characters, note me, and we can discuss pricing
Chibi Sketch
Chibi sketch (will be neater than example) of 1 character
Additiknal characters are +20 (Max 4)
If you want to go over 4 characters, note me and we can discuss pricing
Full Color Chibi
Full color chibi of 1 character with a simple background.
Complex backgrounds not offered
Additional characters are +100, maximum of 4 characters
If you want more than 4 characters, note me and we can discuss pricing.
Headshot Sketch
Single character digital headshot sketch
+20:points: for color
Bust Sketch
Bust sketch of a single character.
+20:points: for color
Full Body Sketch
Single character colored full body sketch
+50:points: for color
+50:points: for an additional character (Max 4 characters) (100 for color (Max 2 characters))
If you want more than 4/2 characters, note me and we can discuss pricing


Fujo-tan has started a donation pool!
8 / 1,000
If you have any spare points, all donations are welcome!!

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    Donated Feb 28, 2017, 4:34:44 AM



Fujo-tan's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Thanks for taking the time to look at my shit art! QvQ

I'm nerdy fujoshi weeb trash who is forever tight on money

Previously :iconjolynekujoh:

Commissions OPEN by MellotheMarshmallow Requests CLOSED by MellotheMarshmallow Art Trades OPEN by MellotheMarshmallow

I like kawaii things, the colors red and black, sleeping, drawing, sometimes writing, animals (epecially cats), bishounen, bishoujo, manga, anime, BISHIES, and a shitton of other things.

I have an unhealthy obsession with love Izumi Kouhei

My shit art Tumblr is
My personal Tumblr is
My Quotev account:

I'm really slow at getting stuff done, and can be really bad about checking DA sometimes, so yeah, things probably won't get done quickly, and I might not reply to a comment very quickly. Unless it's one of the times when I'm obsessively checking DA.

I don't say thank you for favs, watches, or llamas (because I'm lazy), but I really do appreciate them!
I've been busy lately, and haven't drawn much. I have a couple of things I need to draw, so I need to do those first, but I thought I'd take a few requests.
I have no guarantee of what exactly the finished product would be, but it will likely be either a headshot or waist-up sketch.
I will NOT draw NSFW (that's commission only lol)

1. :iconretrodoodlez:
2. :iconsapphrie27:
3. :iconskyarmyrecurit1000:
4. :iconaikoruu:
Just drop a comment below, or send me a Note with your request.
(And if you have any recommendations for anime/manga (no romance preferred, with good art) let me know)
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
I'm tired and in kinda a bad mood, and feel kinda ignored, so Imma do a little test. The first 10 people that comment on this will get a free sketch (what kind will depend upon my mood :P)
So yeah, this offer is good for the next week, until April 24th.
also, I'm probably gonna cancel my contest at this point, unless a clear number of people want to join it,
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
(I didn't realize that the points from the official commissions took 2 weeks to process)
These commissions go to points that I use for contest prizes and commissioning and donating to other artists!
They're a bit cheaper here. More options are on my page via the commissions widget.


Ex  Uraraka Sketch by Fujo-tan Zeph Color Practice by Fujo-tan


Ex  Ruby Rose Doodle by Fujo-tan Derek Reference by Fujo-tan

CHIBI (1 Character) 150 :points:

(Additional characters are + 75 :points:, max 4, for more characters, prices will need to be negotiated)

FULL BODY SKETCH (B+W) (1 character) 100 :points:

(Color is an additional 50 :points:, additional characters are + 50 :points:, max 2. For more characters, prices will need to be negotiated)

  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
Heya, G here! I've been feeling a bit lonely cuz only a couple of people are talking to me, so I decided to do a Q&A!

If you have anything you want to ask me, just drop a comment below, and as questions come in, I'll put them in this journal with the answers!

I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT I AM UNCOMFORTABLE ANSWERING (i.e. Where I live, my name, personal contact info, that kinda thing) AND I WILL LET YOU KNOW IF I DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION. If you don't know if your question is okay, just ask it, and I'll let you know.


Q. What's your favorite food?
A. I like a lot of foods (I eat way too much //sweats), but my favorites are probably Korean-style barbecue, gyuudon, and just about all desserts.

Q.What's your favorite video game?
A. I don't play video games a whole lot (I wish I played them more). Not including phone games, it's probably Tales of Vesperia. If you're including phone games, I really like Soccer Spirits (waiting on that third legendary, BB <_<) and Valkyrie Connect.

This is just a way for people to get to know a bit better, in case they want to.

And if you have a chance, check out my contest, and also commissions, art trades, and collabs are open //slapped for advertising everywhere
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama
Hey, it's G!

Right now I'm tight on money, and my mom has been feeling bad, and I wanted to do something for her. So, I plan on trying to pay to fix her teeth, which have been damaged from disease and medication. I know this kinda sounds like a scam, but I really want to do this for my mom. She's too embarrassed to smile, which is making her really depressed.

I'm increasing my commission prices, but if anyone wants to help, even advertising me would help!
  • Reading: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
  • Watching: Gintama


I got an egg cooker yesterday, and literally all I've eaten today is eggs.
I really need to get off my ass and read/watch Haikyuu!!. After I rewatch Yowamushi Pedal and get caught up in the manga lol.
As someone who loves sports manga and anime, it's surprising I haven't read it yet.
If anyone plays Soccer Spirits, my username on Galaxy server is Izumin, and on the Global server it's Tamatan.
Happened to see that WaTori had an English dub, so I figured I'd watch the promo. About 5 seconds in, I head manga pronounced with a hard a. NOPE. I may give it a couple of episodes once I can find it online, but I'm not gonna spend 73 episodes watching it if they butcher their names. Although I personally also find English dub voice acting to be subpar to Japanese voice acting, but that's just my opinion.
Someone give me anime/manga recommendations!!!


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